Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Can't save recurring events in Google Calendar on Android phone : Solution

Problem : I am using Cyanogenmod with Android gingerbread. Google Calendar version 2.3.7 is installed in my Samsung galaxy pop (tass). Whenever i create a recurring event in the calendar, it just disappears after saving the event.

Solution 1(recommended):
1. Install aCalendar app on your android device and make sure your google calendar is in Calendar list shown in aCalendar-->menu-->more-->Calendar list.
2. Create recurring event using aCalendar.
3. Open aCalendar menu-->more-->Synchronize.
Thats it, your recurring event should reflect in the google calendar too.

Solution 2: 
1. In case of recurring event create it using a desktop browser at
2. In your android phone go to Settings ---> Applications --->Storage Use ---> Calendar Storage ---> Clear Data.
3. Turn on sync and let the calendar sync. 
After a while u will see your recurring event appear on your android calendar.

If you need to add another recurring event, you will have to repeat the whole procedure from step 1.

Tried On : Samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570 aka tass with gingerbread (rooted) 
May work for : Any gingerbread phone with google calendar 2.3.7

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