Monday, 15 December 2014

Install Bumblebee on Ubuntu 14.04

Bumblebee is a great tool to manage hybrid graphics on linux distribution(NVIDIA users). It switches the discrete graphics off to save battery in a smart way and turns it on whenever required. In this way it saves a lot of battery power. In my previous post i provided the steps to install bumblebee on Ubuntu 12.04. But on Ubuntu 14.04 its different and very easy as compared to older ways. The steps given on ubuntu wiki website are enough to achieve that. And the steps are :

  1. Enable the Universe and Multiverse repositories - you need to do this to allow the bumblebee and nvidia packages respectively to be installed.
  2. Enter the following command in the termianl
    sudo apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia primus linux-headers-generic
  3. Reboot 
Simple! Now you can observe that your fan is not running very fast and battery backup has increased.

Tried On : Ubuntu 14.04 , Dell N51110 , NVIDIA GT 525M
May Also work with : Ubuntu 14.04 ,any laptop with NVIDIA graphics card.

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