Monday, 5 May 2014

Install Android Kitkat 4.4.2(cyanogenmod 11) on Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570 (Camera and video recording also working)

This is a completely working guide to install CyanogenMod 11 (Android Kitkat 4.4.2) for ONLY samsung galaxy mini (tass) (GT-s5570).
Read this if you are confused :Is it safe to root ?
Trying this on any other phone (even s5570i) may cause harm.
I am using the custom ROM from My method is a little complicated and long. It would be appreciable if someone provides equally reliable and shorter method.
Here are the outlines of the method (Suitable for first timers also, just visit links corresponding to the steps).
1. Root your phone. (visit the link by clicking on "Root your phone" and follow it carefuly)
2. Install Clockworkmod version 4 from here. (No , iam not promoting that blog ( I am just promoting valuable content.
3. Update your Clockworkmod version to ( download cwm
4. Download and Install Cyanogenmod from here. Details about this release are here.
Here are the steps to install cyanogenmod 11.We installed this cyanogenmod only to get access to terminal emulator in order to update to cwm You can try installing terminal emulator, just after you rooted your phone(just after step 1) but i am not sure about that method.
5. Download and install cwm from here. Directions to install are also given in the link. Just install the recovery, aromafm_tass is not required.
6. Install the Final best stable version of Cyanogenmod from jenkins (click this Direct link to download your required file)
All previous releases can be found at
How to install this final version of cyanogenmod?
7. Install gapps suitable for this ROM and your phone. Go to the link and follow the installation instructions. This is the ultra stripped version for the phone and the ROM which means minmal google apps. If you need some more google apps you can download them from the play store easily. As the author of this package of gapps has said, "Important no flash this with the rom, first flash rom, turn on the phone for the first time, and then reboot to recovery and flash this zip."

First thing to do on your rooted GT-s5570 phone?
End of story :).
If you get this error on phone, just reboot it manually. It actually happens when your phone switches off abnormally.
Also for instant speed results on your phone perform these simple tricks :
1. Enable Developer options in kitkat
2. Disable animation effects
3. Visit performance options in the settings to overclock or underclock the CPU. Yes it is in built within the ROM you just installed. (set it on boot while overclocking or underclocking) . Max. 768 MHz suits best for me without random reboots. Set minimum to 122 MHz and enjoy better battery life.

Note : Never reset your phone through android settings with this ROM, It leaves it unusable and you may need to reinstall the ROM.

Tried On : Samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570 aka tass with gingerbread (was not rooted before all this)
May work for : No other phone

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