Thursday, 8 May 2014

First thing to do on your rooted GT-s5570 phone

You can do anything with your phone after you root it. Here is a list of tasks one should perform as soon as he roots his Samsung galaxy mini GT-s5570 :
1. Install Link2SD to save your internal memory for more apps. you can google for better tutorials.
 But this step is a must if you want to avoid the most annoying "insufficient storage available" error.
In Link2SD settings select default install location to "internal" and enable auto linking of apps.
Don't link the apps to the ext partition without which your phone cannot live.
2. Try RootAppDelete to uninstall apollo , gallery or any app which came with cyanogenmod and install your favourite music or galley app instead.
3. Try Swapper for root. (for me it works on FAT , not on ext partition)
4. Dont Try Greenify or any battery or memory saving app. It eats up your battery and speed instead.

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