Sunday, 31 August 2014

2nd partition automatically converts from FAT to EXT3 problem - Solution

Recently i encountered a problem which is explained as follows. I format my sdcard's second partition to FAT32 (with mini tool partition wizard) and insert it into my phone for LINK2SD purpose. But it does not recognize my second partition. I check my sdcard again on mini tool partition wizard and the second partition has magically turned into an ext3 partition. And because Gingerbread+LINK2SD do not work with ext partitions, it creates trouble.

Whatever be the cause of that, here is a simple solution :
1. Insert your memory card into your pc with help of a memory card adapter.
2. Download , install and run mini tool partition wizard.
3. Backup important stuff from your sdcard.
4. Delete every partition on your sdcard and click apply.
5. After that recreate your desired partitions. This time it won't revert to ext3.

Tried on : Sanmsung galaxy min S5570 (tass), Gingerbread, link2sd, minitool partition wizard
May work for : Any android phone

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