Sunday, 30 April 2017

Screen does not sleep with time in Android - Solution

Ever noticed that your Android smartphone screen is never sleeping no matter what the setting is?
If yes, this post might be of your use.
What i found is that it happens because of  an app which is designed to keep the screen awake while the app is active. The app can be anyone among your installed apps.
The problem is that these apps keep the screen awake even when they are in background.

Quick Solution :
First ensure that in Settings - Display - Sleep, you have set the desired time for sleep.
After that just remove every single app from the background (recent screens).

This is easy, but if you want to know which app is the culprit in your case, you will have to check that by hit and trial method. Just remove the apps one by one and see if that solves your problem.

In my case, it was a game called LONEWOLF.

Solution tried and tested with : Moto G3, Android 6.0.1

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