Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bluestacks Vs. LeapDroid, which is better?

Recently the market has filled up with a lots of new and great Android Emulators. This has challenged the monopoly of Bluestacks. Also i believe that there are now some emulators which beat Bluestacks easily. Here i am explaining how LeapDroid (another free great emulator) is better than  Bluestacks.

1. LeapDroid is Faster
     LeapDroid boots up faster than Bluestacks.

2. LeapDroid gives you better storage space
    In LeapDroid you can use up all the free hard disk space in the emulator.

3. Bloatwares
    LeadDroid won't force you to install any app or game while Bluestacks will do that daily.

4. Reliability
     I used both emulators and sometimes Bluestacks even refuses to start for days, such a problem has never occurred to me with LeapDroid.

5. No crashes
     Bluestacks crashes on my machine every 10 minutes when i use an app continuously but no such problem occurs with LeapDroid.

LeapDroid has given me a completely better experience.
Also you might wanna know how to transfer files between LeapDroid and Windows host using shared folder between the host and the Android VM.

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